Ron Paul Praises Kentucky House of Representatives Candidate TJ Roberts, Says He is ‘Seeking to Correct the Rudderless Ship of State’

by | Jan 25, 2024 | News

A long time ago, a good doctor from Texas decided to get involved in the machinations of Washington D.C., not to empower himself, but to bring liberty back to the people.

That man was Dr. Ron Paul.

What started as a venture into the deep and murky world of politics turned into a movement thanks to his inspiring presidential campaigns which exposed many millions of people throughout the country and around the world to the concepts of free markets, limited government, and individual liberty.

One such individual is Kentucky based attorney TJ Roberts, who recently launched his campaign for statehouse and has vowed to put the state on the right course towards liberty and away from disaster.

“Part of the ‘magic’ of the two Ron Paul Republican presidential campaigns was the broad appeal of his message to the younger generation” posted Dr. Paul from his X account.

“Kentucky attorney and state senate candidate TJ Roberts is part of the next wave of young liberty activists seeking to correct the rudderless ship of state.”

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During their conversation, Dr. Paul and Roberts discussed what inspires young liberty activists, and what has ultimately come of the younger generation of liberty leaders who have now mostly grown into adulthood.

Watch the full episode below:

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Who Is TJ Roberts?

TJ Roberts is deeply rooted in Boone County, Kentucky, where he was raised and educated, from elementary through high school. His advocacy for conservative values and free speech began in college, where he stood against the suppression of these principles by university administration. His commitment to constitutional rights was notably demonstrated in 2020 when he successfully sued Governor Andy Beshear over COVID-19 lockdown restrictions on worship and protest, setting a legal precedent nationwide.

In Frankfort, Roberts has been a vocal advocate for various legislative causes. He has supported school choice, constitutional carry, and campus free speech, opposed vaccine mandates and lockdowns, and worked towards the abolition of taxpayer-funded lobbying and ending abortion. He has campaigned for liberty-oriented politicians like Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, and Savannah Maddox, and has actively pushed for anti-corruption legislation. A practicing Christian, Roberts’s faith guides his community service and political advocacy.

Completing his legal education at NKU – Chase College of Law, Roberts now practices as an attorney, continuing his fight for liberty in the courts. His family’s background in horse racing has instilled in him the importance of faith, hard work, and conservative values, which he continues to uphold while living on a small farm in Burlington, Kentucky.

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