Russia and China Fortify Ties Amid Tensions With the West

by | Oct 19, 2023 | News

Amid growing global apprehensions, Russia and China have solidified their alliance further during a high-level meeting on Wednesday in Beijing. The leaders of both nations called for tighter foreign policy coordination, showcasing a united front as Western nations grapple with Moscow’s actions in Ukraine and Beijing’s escalating threats against Taiwan, as reported by the Associated Press.

The meeting saw discussions on trade and commemorated the 10th anniversary of China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative, which has fostered infrastructure development across Asia and the Middle East. However, this initiative has also plunged many states into significant debt to Chinese banks. This push to rejuvenate the initiative occurs at a time when China’s economy is grappling with a slowdown, chiefly attributed to massive overinvestment in the real estate sector.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized the necessity for close foreign policy coordination under the present challenging conditions. He expressed confidence in the progress of bilateral relations, highlighting that the trade between the two nations is poised to cross a record $200 billion this year. China’s role as a key customer for Russian oil and gas comes as a crucial economic support for Moscow, especially in the face of severe Western sanctions triggered by its campaign against Ukraine.

The meeting between Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping not only signifies a deepening relationship between the two countries but also underscores their unified stance against perceived Western hegemony. This gathering followed a previous meeting in Beijing just weeks before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, where both leaders committed to a “no-limits” relationship.

China’s attempts to position itself as a neutral mediator in the Ukrainian crisis have been largely dismissed by the global community. Concurrently, Beijing’s escalating military provocations towards Taiwan, a self-ruled island democracy it claims, continue to strain its relations with the West.

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