Senator Rand Paul Endorses ‘Liberty Champion’ Dr. Rick Becker

by | Mar 25, 2024 | News

Senator Rand Paul has officially endorsed Dr. Rick Becker for the congressional seat in North Dakota, signaling strong support within the liberty movement for Becker’s candidacy.

In a statement posted to Becker’s official X account, Senator Paul lauded Becker as a “liberty warrior,” emphasizing his understanding of America’s current threats and his readiness to address them in Congress. Paul specifically praised Becker’s dedication to cutting unnecessary spending, halting endless wars, and shedding light on the government’s misuse of power against its citizens.

“Dr. Rick Becker is a liberty warrior who understands the threats that face America today,” Paul said in the official statement.

“In congress, he will work alongside me to cut the unitary spending, stop the endless wars, and expose the weaponization of the government against American citizens. This is why I’m giving my complete and total endorsement to Dr. Rick Becker to be the next congressman from North Dakota. Liberty lovers everywhere should join me and stand with rick to defeat the Washington machine.”

Becker, on receiving the endorsement, expressed his gratitude on social media, pledging to join forces with Paul in Washington to dismantle the bipartisan establishment, end perpetual conflicts, safeguard privacy, and champion liberty. This endorsement marks a significant moment for Becker’s campaign, as he gains backing from a prominent figure in the liberty movement. Senator Paul’s call for liberty enthusiasts to support Becker underscores the campaign’s importance in the broader fight against the status quo in Washington.

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