Sharp: A Silver Lining of the Pandemic is That a New Generation of Pro-Liberty Activists Was Born

by | Apr 12, 2024 | Opinion

Like most of you, I suffer from pandemic exhaustion.  As a podcast host, I have never done a segment on covid-19 nor have I written about it as a writer. In preparing to write this piece today I began to compartmentalize my memories and thoughts about Covid.  Like many of you, I lived through lockdowns (even in Florida). It would be easy to recap the tyranny we experienced. I could write about the substantial economic destruction caused by closing small businesses. I could write about the chaos caused by vaccines. Writing about any of that stuff, however, accomplishes nothing.  

We must take Covid as a lesson. Americans have sat idly by and trusted the government and the media too long.  For some, Covid changed their whole perception of the world and caused them to realize that Ben Franklin was correct when he said, “It’s a Republic, if you can keep it”. Constitutional Republics simply can’t be put on auto pilot. They require active steering from the citizens. Nothing is more effective than plugging in at the local level and applying tremendous pressure.  

Many of our youth had a substantial portion of their school experience ripped away from them. As a former high school athlete, my heart often hurts for those students who lost their season year to a virus with a 99% survival rate. The silver lining to the tyranny is that many younger folks who might still be focused on dating, sports, and other trivial activities are now plugged in and ready to fight for their future. As parents, this is our once in a lifetime opportunity to engage our children in the process of patriotism.  It could even be argued that it is our duty to do so.  

California high school student Matthew Jones has taken the bull by the horns in regards to his covid experience. Matthew’s mother Sky is a prominent California activist, and it appears that Matthew has the same mindset. Let’s look at Matthew’s Covid experience through his own words.

The following is a short essay penned by Matthew:

Since the onset of the life changing crisis called “pandemic,” I have experienced the most outrageous circumstances due to medical mandates for a virus with a 99.37% survival rate. The moment my sister informed me that classes were canceled due to a viral outbreak, I was sort of relieved because I wouldn’t have to bear anymore elongated classes and instead enjoy more free time exercising. Unfortunately for people like me, my happiness quickly transformed into discomfort at the experience of being discriminated against by every store, restaurant and business in the state of California simply for not wearing a piece of cloth around my face.

I suffered everywhere I went and was part of a small percentage of Californians who refused to be masked by a medical device proven to be ineffective against the spread of a virus being fractions of a micron large. Everyone around me were no longer free thinkers, but easily manipulated followers of the Orwellian state. At school, I was the first student in the entire school district to receive an exemption from wearing such a worthless piece of garbage on my face. The school refused a religious exemption, so I went ahead and got a medical exemption on the basis of refusing to have my oxygen pathway blocked.

It is already well known that a school instructor can’t forcibly cover a kid’s mouth with their hand to prevent breathing, how much more can a school instructor force a kid to wear something around his mouth which will directly decrease the amount of air they are able to inhale and exhale. Eventually I was segregated to the back of every classroom I attended, with a plexiglass barrier placed around me to make it worse. None of the other students experienced this because they wore a mask without critically thinking or questioning. As I walked into my second period classroom, the first thing my AP Literature instructor did was forcibly guide me to the back of class, instead of kindly greet me. I have been kicked out of school assemblies for not succumbing to such an erroneous mandate, and in one instance the school wrestling coach was yelling at me with intense vitriol and disregarded any common sense he had.

This is the coach who is also responsible for his wrestlers contracting ringworm multiple times, but he was more concerned about me wearing a mask than anything. When I went to have my yearbook quote entered to the yearbook instructor, he became flustered and kicked me out because I was not wearing the mask! I had to get the principal to come with me and have him enter my yearbook quote. Such nonsense, and the yearbook instructor didn’t even get my yearbook quote correct: he misspelled “Yeshua is God” as “Reshua is God.” Only he knows if he did it on purpose or not, and I am still waiting for an apology along with a free yearbook. I chose to start a Turning Point Chapter, and the hate I received from the far-left lgbtq groups on campus was insane.

I had my Turning Point USA flyers ripped and vandalized all over campus, lgbtq stickers being placed on them and vulgar writings being written on them. The school administration at Esperanza High School did nothing to reduce the attacks and disregarded me completely. I have also been banned from United Airlines for not wearing a mask. The flight attendants got so mad at me for not wearing it while eating food, that they had the pilot come to talk to me to see if there was any problem. During the flight, they even woke me from my sleep because I wasn’t “properly” masked up.

hey banned me from flying their airline because of this. However they had to unban me after the mandates were going away to keep away from any legal problems.

Forty years from now I will look back at this time and regret having weak leaders in power in California who enforced these kinds of mandates. If this kind of problem happens again, you can bet I’ll be ready to refuse and choose freedom over corruption.

Matthew is pictured here with teacher Tracey Schroeder who is a candidate for California’s General Assembly.

I understand Covid exhaustion, however we must never forget what the tyrants did to us.  The best chance we have at retribution is to raise a generation of warriors who are active and engaged. 

You can follow Tim Sharp on X at @realtimsharp.

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