SHARP: Election Integrity Takes a Huge Step Forward In Georgia With Kremer’s RNC Victory

by | May 21, 2024 | Opinion

Grassroots activist Amy Kremer was victorious on Saturday afternoon in her quest to be elected as Georgia’s RNC Committeewoman.  Kremer defeated incumbent Ginger Howard by a margin of 52 votes. 

Kremer released a statement Saturday afternoon in which she exclaimed “The grassroots are tired of not being represented and tired of losing. I promise to be their voice in the RNC and the Georgia GOP, and – most importantly – I promise to help lead Republicans to victory!”

Also up for reelection on Saturday was RNC Committeeman Jason Thompson. Earlier in the week investigative journalist Laura Loomer uncovered some disturbing facts about the Thompson family. Loomer alleged that the Thompson family has direct financial ties to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office while serving on the RNC Election Integrity board.  

Self-proclaimed “Tea Party cofounder” Debbie Dooley celebrated Thompsons reelection via social media while omitting any mention of Kremer. The social media war appears to have raged all through the week with Laura Loomer providing substantial evidence of her accusations toward both Howard and Thompson. Meanwhile members of the Georgia establishment continued to push back against Laura resorting to name calling tactics like “crazy” to discredit her.  

Things became clearer on Sunday as a post by Amy Kremer’s daughter reasonably explained the conflict with Dooley.  It would appear that the Kremer’s faced substantial opposition in Georgia based on a defamation lawsuit in which they were awarded a 7-figure settlement.  

Amy Kremer is a long-time ally of Donald J. Trump, having organized an event with attendance estimated over 1 million people on January 6th.  While organizers of the rally on the ellipse, it is important to mention that the Kremer’s and their organization were in no way involved with the events that took place at the US Capitol that day.  Donald Trump currently holds a lead in both polling and betting markets in Georgia.  

Kremer’s laser focus on election integrity should only help those margins grow. Amy Kremer, who has been a longtime activist pushing back against the G.O.P. now finds herself sitting within the party that she has fought for so long. Kremer told me in a personal conversation that she had long battled with the decision to actually run for this position but did so out of obligation to America.  Kremer has proven that she can not only maintain a pulse on the grassroots but organize people within the grassroots.

Georgia is a critical swing state in the 2024 presidential election, and Kremer’s presence within the RNC will only bolster the chances of a free and fair election.  As November’s election comes closer, the need to keep a close eye on anyone who attacks America First warriors becomes even more apparent.  

Kremer’s victory along with the removal of Ronna McDaniel provided a glimpse of hope that the RNC can be returned to the people.  A viable platform is necessary for true America First candidates to be elected regardless of state.  Let’s hope that Amy Kremer can once again be the tip of the spear.

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