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by | May 10, 2024 | Opinion

Georgia was one of the main sources of controversy during the 2020 Presidential election.  From 2020’s mysteriously broken pipe which caused counting to stop all the way through 2024’s missing ballot images of the 2020 election, the controversy has been steady. Most recently, rogue District Attorney Fani Willis stated that she would not testify in front of the Republican led Senate committee despite that committee being authorized to investigate her office.

State Senator Colton Moore launched an attempt to investigate spending by Willis’ office in 2023 only to be met with resistance from within his own party.  Moore’s reward for following the Georgia Constitution was being removed from his own Caucus.  Governor Brian Kemp has remained quit the entire time.  

In the latest move to challenge the Georgia establishment, Amy Kremer has declared her candidacy for GOP National Committeewoman.  Having known Amy for some years now, I would argue that Kremer is one of the 5 most influential conservatives in America. Her resume is quite extensive when it comes to implementing positive change.  

Kremer’s list of accomplishments is long per her website:

Amy Kremer began in politics in 2009 as a founding mother of the modern-day tea party movement. She co-founded Tea Party Patriots and several months later, joined Tea Party Express. 

In October 2009, Amy was awarded the Shining Scalpel Award by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. This award has only been awarded three times in the 66-year history of AAPS. The award was given to honor outstanding service to the American people and to the profession of medicine by mobilizing the Tea Party movement, and organizing public town hall meetings to “cut” through the political rhetoric on “health care reform.” Amy was given this award because her leadership helped to “shine a light” so that patients can make informed political choices.

During Amy’s tenure as Chair of Tea Party Express, she raised $29.76 million from 2010-2014 to support and elect conservatives like Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Ron Johnson, as well as Representatives Mark Meadows, Thomas Massie, and many others to the US Congress. Many of these conservatives are still there today. 

Tea Party Express hosted hundreds of rallies, had 10+ nationwide bus tours, and changed the conservative grassroots landscape laying the groundwork for the MAGA movement. For the first time, grassroots activists realized the role they could play in elections outside of their congressional districts and states through donations, phone banking, and social media.

In 2010, Tea Party Express played a pivotal role in taking the gavel away from Pelosi and taking back the House, and then in 2014, taking back the Senate.

In April 2013, then-celebrity and firebrand Donald J. Trump reached out to Amy after reading about her in NewsMax Magazine. Trump sent a personalized note, praising Amy of her accomplishments. 

In January 2016, Amy co-founded Great America PAC, the first and largest grassroots organization in support of then-candidate, Donald J. Trump. 

Amy has been one of the loudest and most prominent figures in the media fighting for President Trump since he came down the golden escalator on every national TV network, local and national radio shows, podcasts, etc, often in the lion’s den with hostile media. 

In the summer of 2016, Amy co-founded Women for Trump to push back on the narrative Trump had a problem with female voters. She worked tirelessly in almost every state in the country organizing and helping women become involved in politics.

In 2019, Amy co-founded Women for America First to support and help implement the America First agenda. One of the most important things Amy did, as Chairman, was give the Angel families a voice in policy and legislative discussions. In January and February of 2019, Amy took the Angel families to the White House to meet with the President and Vice President.

In February 2019, the Angel families stood in the Rose Garden with President Trump as he announced he would use an emergency declaration to build the border wall. The Angel families were able to tell their stories to the media of what happened to their deceased loved ones at the hands of criminal illegal immigrants.

The night of the 2020 election, Amy realized the election was being stolen under the cover of darkness.  The next day, when no one was doing anything to stop the stealing of the election, Amy did the only thing she knew to do at the time: rally people together and give them a voice. 

As Chairman of Women for America First, Amy started the Stop The Steal / March for Trump movement that went viral on social media garnering millions of support for free and fair elections and to support President Donald J. Trump. 

The night after the election, Amy gathered team members and met other patriots at State Farm Arena in Atlanta. For days, they rallied and protested at CNN Center and the GA Capitol calling on state leaders to stop the madness!

As Chairman of Women for America First, Amy held 3 massive rallies, each having over 1 million people in attendance, in Washington, DC: November 14th, December 12th at Freedom Plaza, and January 6th at the White House Ellipse.

During this time frame, Amy and Women for America First team launched the “March for Trump: To Demand Transparency and Protect Election Integrity” bus tour that went coast to coast holding dozens of rallies supporting election integrity and President Trump.

During this six-week bus tour (November 2020 – January 2021), Amy and team were pushing Senators and Congressmen to stop the certification of the election in the joint session of Congress.

On January 6th, at the White House Ellipse, Women for America First had the most beautiful “Save America” rally full of patriotism and love…love of God, country, one another, and our President!

They never went to the Capitol, nor encouraged anyone else to go to the Capitol.

Subsequently, Amy was subpoenaed by Congress, the DOJ, and others for her work on election integrity. 

Although it is still ongoing, she has not let their intimidation tactics and weaponization of the federal government stop her.

I recently spoke with Amy regarding her candidacy as it now appears that she is attempting to be a part of the system she has fought against for so many years. Amy stated to me that “it isn’t personal, but we must simply get back to winning again. We’ve lost far too much. If Ronna McDaniel was ran out because of losing, why aren’t we looking at state issues in the same light?”

Amy told me that “Conservatives must have a vehicle in which to propel their ideas and platform forward.”  That is why she has now decided to challenge the status-quo in the Republican Party. Amy is also the founder of Paper Ballots 2024, a Georgia based organization which is fighting for paper ballots only in the 2024 election.  Kremer stated to me that “Georgia voting machines are out of compliance with their own state laws”.  

Kremer’s campaign recently picked up a major endorsement from Florida man Representative Matt Gaetz. 

Party elections are often overlooked, however elections like this will determine the future support that other America First candidates receive.  America First succeeds when all levels of elections are engaged, and that includes party elections. It’s time to take the fight in and out of the party. I see many pundits on the right continuing to talk about the persecution of January 6th.

Amy Kremer presents a unique opportunity to fix that issue by giving us actual solutions rather than hollow commentary.  America needs party leaders who will boldly stand for President Trump as well as his America First Agenda. 

You can follow Tim Sharp on X at @realtimsharp.

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