SHARP: How 51 Members of The Intelligence Community Committed Election Interference

by | Jun 6, 2024 | Opinion

On October 19, 2020 more than 50 former members of the Intelligence Community signed a letter stating that Hunter Biden’s laptop contained all of the signs of Russian disinformation. No current members of the US intel community signed the letter, and after Hunter Biden’s trial we now know why.  

Originally covered by the NY Post, the laptop was quickly referred to as “Russian disinformation”. On Tuesday in Wilmington, Delaware courtroom prosecutors officially introduced the laptop into evidence.  The original story was published by the NY Post in October of 2020.  What was noticeable from FBI agent Erika Jensen’s testimony this week was that Apple Inc. was served a subpoena on 8/26/2019 for the contents of Hunter Biden’s iCloud.  Based on the contents of the iCloud, a warrant was then taken for the physical laptop. Warrants are typically not taken without a reasonable suspicion of a crime. In this case it appears that Hunter’s iCloud created that reasonable suspicion.  

The original NY Post story was heavily censored by both Twitter and Facebook. Many users lost their accounts over sharing the information.  The suppression of this story perhaps helped land Joe Biden in the White House. In the prosecution’s opening statements this week, they instructed the jury to ignore evidence of drug use and other crimes in what they would be shown. They reminded them that Hunter Biden was only on trial for the gun charges and that was to be their only area of focus.   

We now know based on Agent Jensen’s testimony that the FBI at minimum knew as early as 2019 that the laptop was in fact real and belonged to Hunter Biden. The laptop appears to show Hunter Biden 459 crimes as outlined by Garrett Zeigler.  Marco Polo, the non-profit led by Zeigler has compiled a dossier on the Biden laptop. Many of the video images from Hunter’s laptop show rampant drug use, a screen grab from a video also shows Hunter with a firearm. 

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The gun pictured in the screen grab is not the firearm Hunter Biden purchased in October of 2018 at a Delaware firearm store which was later discarded by Hallie Biden. Hunter’s trial remains ongoing, but with the admission of the laptop’s authenticity, will we see additional charges brought against members of the Biden crime family?  Although formally convicted of failure to properly record business expenses, it is important to keep in mind that the underlying logic of Donald Trump’s conviction was election interference.  

Should the criminal evidence on the Biden Laptop not be fully investigated and tried, you can safely say that the American judicial system is no longer viable. It appears as if the DOJ and its organizations have (at least for now) successfully completed a complete coup of the American government.

The laptop was real, the FBI knew the laptop was real, and a presidential candidate was protected from the information by the government he sought to lead. There aren’t many cases where a nation has been reclaimed after a treasonous act such as this. 

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