Sharp: I Didn’t Leave the Republican Party, the Republican Party Left Me

by | Dec 18, 2023 | Opinion

The passing of the pork filled NDAA on December 14, 2023 has caused me to do some serious soul searching regarding my personal political affiliation.  Rather than having an emotional response, I decided to make a very logic-based decision about my future party affiliation.  You see, I have been in an abusive relationship with the Republican Party for years.  

As a state legislature candidate challenging an incumbent in the Republican primary in Florida, I was illegally disqualified. I was also not allowed to attend Republican Executive Committee meetings as a filed Republican candidate. To make matters worse, I was told that in order to join the executive committee I would be required to submit a 20 year voter history.   

Having grown up in an evangelical southern family, being a Republican is all I’ve ever known. However after watching the behavior of many elected Republicans I have decided that I will no longer participate in Republican Party politics. The party has failed to serve many Americans, so why should I continue to “play along”.  

Take Georgia State Senator Colton Moore for example. Moore simply sought to investigate corrupt D.A. Fanni Willis, which he has every right to do under the Georgia Constitution.  What was Moore’s reward?  He was removed from the Senate GOP caucus. This is proof that the feckless attitude of the GOP extends well beyond the Swamp of Washington D.C.  

It wasn’t the libelous lies that were spread by Republicans in the final weeks of Anthony Sabatini’s 2022 Congressional campaign that made me reconsider my position. It wasn’t the treatment that I received from the party personally that brought me to this position. What solidified my decision was watching 147 house Republicans vote to pass the NDAA and extend warrantless government surveillance against American Citizens. Countless lives have been destroyed since January 6, 2021 while the cowardly GOP has sat idly by. Republicans gained control of Congress during the 2022 midterm, only to fail the voters that put them in office consistently.  

I want to be a Republican, so this is not a decision I can take lightly. After casting my vote for Donald J. Trump, I will be registering as an independent. The party has not been loyal to my beliefs, so why should I be loyal to it?  Today’s Republican Party does not fight for the most crucial issue facing our Republic, which is election integrity. I will continue to support good Republicans such as Colton Moore and Anthony Sabatini, but I can no longer support the party as a whole.  

Ronna Romney has left a stink on the party that may be impossible to overcome. Frankly, I’m tired of trying. I will vote and engage in activism based on my own personal beliefs well before I continue to “fall in line”.  Matt Gaetz, George Santos, Thomas Massie and many other good conservatives in Congress have been attacked by members of their own party. I simply cannot be a part of an organization which claims to be “saving America ” in front of cameras, but behaving no differently than the radical left behind closed doors. It’s time that Americans learn that principle is greater than party, and disconnect from the illusion of choice offered by the modern Democrat & Republican parties. 

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