Sharp: Illegal Aliens Can Now Possess Firearms in The United States— is it Actually a Good Thing?

by | Mar 21, 2024 | Opinion

A Barack Obama appointed federal judge  ruled this week that illegal immigrants may possess guns in America regardless of their immigration status. My knee jerk reaction to this was to initially think that this was an incredibly scary situation. After some social media dialogue with Black Guns Matter founder Maj Toure, I began to take a completely different perspective on this ruling. I began to revisit some of the previous rhetoric that I have used including phrases like “gun rights are human rights” and “laws don’t stop crimes, guns do”. I found my initial knee jerk reaction to be very hypocritical.

Passing additional laws limiting the ownership of firearms and the ability of self defense helps no one.  As Conservatives we regularly say that “it isn’t the gun that’s the problem”. This situation is no different. America does not have a gun problem regardless of who has the gun in their hand. America does have a severe immigration problem. Barring immigrants of any status the right to defend themselves is a human rights violation if we truly believe the things we have been saying for the last several years.  

My friend and political pundit Chad Caton regularly says “quit trying to fix the drywall, fix the leaky pipe that damaged the drywall”. This is the perfect example of an attempt to fix the drywall. Any human being regardless of immigration status who desires to commit a crime will find the weapon that they desire to commit that crime regardless of its legality. For decades conservatives have complained about their 2nd amendment rights being infringed upon, so this should be celebrated as a win.  

If we truly believe the words of the architects of this nation, we will celebrate any win for liberty. This ruling doesn’t change how guns are purchased or sold, as an undocumented person cannot walk into an FFL and purchase a firearm. It merely says that an illegal person is not committing a crime by possessing a firearm. 

The Constitution states that the 2nd Amendment shall not be infringed.  It doesn’t give conditions as to who the 2nd amendment applies to.  In fact, as I have previously documented gun laws were born from racism and black Americans were the original targets following slavery.  This article isn’t meant to be pro-immigration as I believe the entire border must be shut down indefinitely. It is meant to call out hypocritical messaging among the right. It is simply disingenuous to champion gun rights and then not celebrate a win for gun rights regardless of how one is personally affected.   

Republican lawmakers have proven consistently over the past several years that most of them are not smart nor effective. My fear is that they will attempt to pass anti-gun legislation as a knee jerk reaction to the border crisis rather than dealing with the root cause of the problem.  America has an immigration problem and not a gun problem. It is also time that we view policy for its future impact and not just the immediate.  Restricting the 2nd Amendment rights of any human being in America has the potential to restrict the 2nd Amendment right of all Americans in the future. The solution to immigrant violent crime is to place a complete moratorium on immigration and conduct mass deportations on those here illegally.  

When it comes to the 2nd Amendment, it is given by our creator, or it isn’t. There is no room for negotiation. 

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