Sharp: Is a Larger Conflict Brewing in Eastern Europe?

by | Apr 1, 2024 | Opinion

The conflict involving Russia and Ukraine has been an atypical type of war. American consumers of news media have grown accustomed to live in field reporting and network reporters being embedded on the front lines of conflict. When it comes to the modern version of the Russia/Ukraine conflict, the only information that Americans have received has been in the form of their tax dollars being spent in Ukraine.  The American public has received constant gaslighting from the left that Russia is a threat to democracy around the globe.  

The lack of mainstream news reporting around this conflict has led me to grow my network of international news sources. It has also caused me to look at developments and draw logical conclusions as to what I believe is coming. My personal belief is that Ukraine is a springboard to a much larger conflict.  

It is obvious from observing Vladimir Putin’s presidency that he is highly intelligent and highly calculated. I recently began thinking back to the 2022 request made to the United Nations by the Russian Federation regarding bioweapons in Ukraine. 

This request for investigation made a strong accusation against both Ukraine and the United States. The request was denied due to lack of evidence. It is worth noting that this request was not for sanctions or punishment, merely for an investigation. I find the request for investigation highly unlikely unless the Russians had substantial evidence of malfeasance. We have now seen multiple links come to light between the Biden regime and the nation of Ukraine.  

Ukraine has long been rumored to be a country containing multiple CIA black sites. I have an independent source telling me the same. This source is also telling me that the same type of black sites are active and operating in Poland. This claim caused me to take a deeper look at Poland and what the defense temperament there was. What I found was disturbing and leads me to believe that my source is accurate in their claim.  

Poland has substantial military goals and appears to be planning to use US resources to achieve those goals. 

In 2023 Poland spent more than 4% of its GDP on military resources. That is a substantial difference from the 2.2% of GDP spent by Poland in 2022. Perhaps more alarming than Poland’s financial investment in military hardware is its recent action to bolster its military forces.  Poland passed legislation in 2022 allowing compulsory military service. 

This legislation allows for up to 200,000 citizens to be called up for military exercises. I find it highly unlikely that any nation would require citizens to forcefully serve in the military without planning to use them.  

It is also important to think back to the recent claims that a Russian missile crossed into Polish airspace during a recent strike on Ukraine. 

Should Poland decide to engage Russia the entire tone of the conflict in Ukraine would change. As a NATO member, Polish involvement would trigger article 5 requiring the United States to shift from a proxy war status to a kinetic status.  It is worth noting that on the day of the alleged Polish airspace breach a Polish military aircraft was in Washington DC all day before departing back to Warsaw.  

While it is impossible to determine the exact level of United States involvement in Eastern Europe is, it is equally impossible to deny that we have any involvement there. The American intelligence agencies have a dark history of meddling in foreign governments. That is a fact.  Vladimir Putin is a nationalist who would be very unwelcoming of foreign intervention in his government’s activities. That is also a fact.  

I have a bad feeling that Eastern Europe could easily become the next theatre for global conflict. I am not writing this to defend Putin’s actions in any manner. I am simply writing this to condemn American involvement in foreign conflict which does not threaten American lives nor American interests. To be clear, there is no definitive proof that Joe Biden and his band of merry misfits are attempting to stoke a larger global conflict, however they have demonstrated that power is the only thing that matters to them. I can’t help but wonder how many lives the Biden regime would be willing to sacrifice to retain power.   

There is simply no way that further conflict in Europe can lead to anything good for America or humanity in general. 

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