Sharp: It’s Time to Retire The Word “RINO”

by | Feb 16, 2024 | Opinion

After reviewing clips of the Fanni Willis trial on Thursday, I found myself furious. I wasn’t furious at Fani Willis, nor Nathan Wade.  My anger was directed at Brian Kemp, Shelly Echols, Bo Hatchett and the rest of the Republican caucus in the Georgia senate. My anger was because Colton Moore tried to tell us this months ago. His reward for demanding transparency was a removal from the GOP Senate caucus.  There are only 2 reasons that anyone in elected office makes mistakes. They are guilty by omission or guilty by commission. Omission in it’s own right is bad, but commission is intentional.  

I am an open Trump supporter. For anyone who knows me that is obvious. I run in the MAGA circles, and I wear a MAGA hat. There is no denying that I loyally support Donald J. Trump. What we are seeing in Georgia is bigger than Donald J. Trump.  For that reason, I will no longer call the vast majority of Georgia Republicans RINOs any longer.  I will now call these same people enemies of the Republic. To call someone a RINO means that they aren’t working toward advancing the Republican Party platform. Many Georgia officials are actively working to destroy America.  

Take Georgia Senator Shelly Echols for example.  Per her own campaign website, Echols claimed that she would defend Georgia against the Biden/Harris big government agenda. She also claimed that she would fight for fiscal responsibility. 

Echols refused to join with Colton Moore in calling for a special session to investigate corrupt DA Fani Willis. Echols has since remained quiet on social media with her last post on X being authored in December regarding district maps.

Brian Kemp has remained silent on the major issues affecting Georgia as well as the rest of America. He has chosen simply to avoid doing the work of his constituents and chosen to merely talk about Republicans wining elections. 

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