Sharp: Ronna Romney McDaniel was 2024’s Version of Covid, But It’s Time to Move On

by | Feb 8, 2024 | Opinion

In a shock, Ronna McDaniel recently declared that she would be willing to step down as RNC chair following the South Carolina Presidential primary. As soon as I heard this news, I knew that I had to write about it. It would be easy for me to spend the next 700 words telling you what a scumbag McDaniel is, but that would be ineffective. It’s important to take a quick look in the rearview and decide how we got stuck with such trash leading the Republican Party.  

Much like Covid-19 in 2020, nothing changed with the Republican party until people began to push back. Local and state governments were content to keep businesses shut down and beaches closed until people began to protest. Had Americans not stepped up, a large majority of America would still be locked down today.

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The very same thing happened to the RNC, which suffered its worst fundraising year in more than a decade in 2023. The RNC entered 2024 with less than 8 million dollars in funds. Americans became frustrated and shut off the only lifeline that Ronna McDaniel had. Nothing moves in politics without being forced.  When the party isn’t funded, they are forced to move. To put it simply, you will never be respected in politics until you are first feared. Politicians fear losing donors more than anything else. Money is what fuels them.  

Moving forward, I would encourage anyone reading this article to find 1 true America First candidate and donate directly to that candidate’s campaign. The vast majority of true America First candidates will receive no support from the party, as they are taking on establishment incumbent Republicans. For most of these candidates, winning the primary is the same as winning the general election.  

Take Florida’s Anthony Sabatini for example. Anthony is a current candidate in FL-11 who is challenging RINO invertebrate Dan Webster.  Webster has held public office longer than Sabatini has been alive yet has garnered fewer wins for liberty in the last decade than the Cleveland Browns have won Super Bowls. Webster will receive the full support of the Republican party however due to being an incumbent.  

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Regardless of who replaces Ronna Romney as the RNC chair, it is crucial that grassroots conservatives not fall for the trap of running back to the RNC. We must never find ourselves in this position again, and if we return like an abused lover nothing will change. Our focus must remain on grassroots organization and mobilization. Nothing the RNC can do will have the impact on your life that a liberty fighter will. We must force the RNC to represent us, and the only way that is possible is to defund them.  Many Americans said “never again” after Covid, and we must say the same to a corrupt RNC. I don’t dislike Republican values nor Republican policies. I loathe fake Republican politics, however. It’s time that we stopped playing along.  

McDaniel’s trash results are not a new thing.  It is important to remember that pre-Ronna, the Republican party gave us Mitt Romney and John McCain as presidential nominees. Entering a presidential race with a Romney at the top of the ticket is much like being dealt a 7-2 and deciding to go all in at the World Series of Poker. Even if you win, it was a fluke.  

The RNC has demonstrated repeatedly that they don’t care about your voice, only your time, talent and treasure. For that reason, until the RNC begins to listen to the base of Republicans and act, they should receive nothing from you. This should not be misconstrued as a call to apathy. It is instead a call to action. Get engaged locally.  Find a candidate who resonates with you and donate to them, knock doors or simply give them a word of encouragement. Simply don’t count on someone else to make your decisions and investments for you.  

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