Sharp: The Case for Press Secretary Laura Loomer

by | Mar 27, 2024 | Opinion

If you have followed national politics for any length of time, it is quite clear that Donald Trump has been engaged in a long-standing feud with legacy media outlets. Many of these outlets have either misquoted or selectively edited statements from the 45th president in an attempt to damage his perception with the American people. During Trump’s first term he was lacking one key element in his administration at times.  The missing piece was a press secretary as committed to his agenda as he was.  

During Trump’s first term, 4 individuals filled the role. All of those concerns could be eliminated by simply placing Laura Loomer behind the podium for the President’s daily briefings. Much like Trump, Loomer is a political outsider who has also been misquoted and painted in the media as something that she in not. Legacy media consistently pretends to be the arbiters of the truth, and the only way to counter their narrative is to play offense by bringing truth louder and harder.  

Much like Trump, Loomer is also a voracious worker. Laura routinely sacrifices both sleep and food to complete research. Laura is a truth seeker who is committed to being prepared. She’s committed, informed, and excels at vetting people. I think most folks who support Donald Trump would share my opinion…. his first term was sabotaged from within. Not only is Loomer the perfect person to act as President Trump’s mouthpiece, but she is also capable and willing to vet other possible members of his administration.  

Laura has unsuccessfully waged two bids to be elected to US Congress. While I believe Laura would be an excellent legislator, I would hate to see her impact minimized down to a single member of a much larger body of 435. Laura Loomer is simply at her best when she is free to spew facts with no restraint. Donald Trump would also be at his best when he was not dealing personally with the petty attacks of the legacy media. There simply is no better guard dog in America than Laura Loomer. Laura would also provide much needed consistency in the role.  At 30 years of age, Loomer has made advancing the America First agenda her life’s work.  

I strongly believe that Donald Trump is the best chance to save America.  I also know Laura Loomer very well. Laura’s heart is also to save America. Laura is loyal, intelligent, capable, and simply the best person in America to represent the President. Laura understands the deep state attacks and has shown that regardless of the situation she will not change who she is or what she stands for. President Trump needs a fighter in his corner, and Laura Loomer is that fighter.  

Laura would bring instant entertainment to the position as well. Can you imagine a Laura Loomer vs. Caitlan Collins battle daily? It simply doesn’t get any better than that. There would be no Psaki circle back, just a steady stream of information to the American people. It is for this reason that I whole heartedly support Laura Loomer as the press secretary for the 47th President of the United States, Donald J Trump. 

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