SHARP: The Punishment Is the Process For Child Trafficking Survivor Jennifer Guskin

by | May 3, 2024 | Opinion

By now you have probably heard about the accusations made by sexual abuse survivor Jennifer Guskin. She recently went public using her X account “CTSurvivor17” making allegations that she had witnessed a sexual assault roughly 30 years ago involving a male child and Bernie Sanders.  

During my nearly 40 minute phone conversation with Jennifer I asked her if this was the first time that she had stated this publicly. Jennifer stated to me that she had made a Facebook post in 2017 making some of the same allegations. In late 2017 Jennifer gave birth to a child, and a legal battle that she never anticipated began to unfold.  

Jennifer told me that prior to her discharge from the hospital post delivery she was instructed to take a drug test as many new others are.  The logic behind this test was to make sure that the baby was not exposed to narcotics during the pregnancy and therefore born in an addictive state.

Jennifer voluntarily shared the results of this test with me.  

As you can see, Jennifer tested negative for all controlled substances. 

Sadly by April of 2018, Jennifer found her daughter under the care of CPS.  The agency stated that they become aware of Guskin’s daughter due to a failed drug test by Guskin.  She was placed into the CPS system due to a “failure to thrive” diagnosis.  Below is an excerpt from the CPS report. 

Jennifer stated to me that she believed her daughter had been medically kidnapped as retaliation for Jennifer speaking about the acts which she had witnessed.  

Per the CPS report, they stated that they were having “ongoing non transparent conversations” about Guskin’s daughter. 

After a lengthy court battle, Guskin’s daughter was returned to the care of Guskin and the baby’s father in early 2020.  

There is no way to know if the situation was direct retaliation due to Guskin speaking out. Guskin did state to me that several people had requested during that time frame that she take the post down from Facebook. It is becoming increasingly clear that governmental agencies can be weaponized, so the thought of that being the case here is certainly plausible. We should celebrate the fact that Guskin’s child was returned to her family, but vow to never let this type of overreach happen again. 

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