Sharp: What Have Americans Learned About the Capitol Riot Three Years Later?

by | Jan 5, 2024 | Opinion

January 6th, 2021, is a day that will live in American history forever. There are many theories surrounding that day and the events that occurred. Every year I start reflecting around this time on my personal experiences that day. I have decided to take this opportunity to speak openly about my own personal experiences that day.  

I attended two rallies in Washington, D.C. that were organized by Women for America First. The first rally was in December 2020 and the second in January 2021. Having watched the brutally demonstrated toward peaceful rally attendees during Women for America First’s November rally, myself along with a group of approx. 35 other men decided to attend the December rally with the sole purpose of escorting attendees to and from the actual event. We were physically attacked on multiple occasions by far-left agitators. These attackers went as far as to attempt to stab a member of my group with a knife. He was thankfully wearing body armor and thus was uninjured in the attack.  Violence on the streets of D.C. instigated by Antifa and BLM was the rule not the exception during this trip.  

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I was thrilled to receive an invitation from Women for America First to work as a volunteer crowd marshal for the January 6th event. I have supported Donald J Trump since his initial descent down the golden escalator, so being involved in an event where Trump was speaking was a monumental opportunity in my mind. All my background information was submitted to the Secret Service for clearance ahead of that day. I along with another substantial group of men and women made the drive from Florida to Washington D.C. on January 5th 2021. As we pulled into the city it seemed very different than it had just a month prior.  

The temperature outside was miserably cold, and I noticed immediately that many of the buildings in the downtown area were boarded up with plywood. As someone coming from Florida it almost appeared as if they were expecting a hurricane. This was not the case in December.  We arrived at our hotel, grabbed a few beers and talked about the next day. On the morning of January 6th, 2021, my group of volunteers met the broader group of volunteers at approximately 5AM.  

After a delay due to some confusion with Secret Service credentials we were allowed onto the Ellipse and given our assignments for the day.  My assignment was managing entry into the VIP section located directly in front of the main stage. There were three things that stuck out in my mind during the event. I had never seen that many people. I had never been that cold.  I had never been that hungry. Donald Trump arrived late for his speech, yet the crowd stayed and cheered him on. Upon the conclusion of Donald Trump’s speech, my group briefly huddled and almost unanimously decided that McDonalds was the next stop.  We left the Ellipse with the throngs of people and enjoyed a hot cheeseburger on the cold sidewalk outside of McDonalds.

We noticed that on our post meal walk back to the hotel there was a substantial sound of sirens.  It was also at that moment that we realized that a few members of the group were not present with us. Cell phone service was extremely limited in the city as it appeared that signal jammers had been deployed.  Not knowing the situation, we began to frantically try and locate our missing friends. When our friends were located, we were informed that “Antifa is attacking the capital”.

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We did not know what was happening, we only knew that something was happening, and our friends were in trouble.

We decided to change clothes, grab defensive items such as pepper spray and meet in the hotel lobby at a specified time to go retrieve our missing friends. As we gathered in the lobby at our designated time, there was a strange police presence outside of the hotel doors.  Thankfully a friend pointed out several federal agents to me, and the decision was made that we would not be leaving the hotel.  

Our missing friends found their way back later that evening and we, and we departed to return to Florida the next morning. Having not ventured to the Capitol that day, I was only familiar with the portrayal of the events that I saw on the news. On the marathon drive back to Florida the next day, I was a passenger with one of the men who had been on Capital grounds. I will never forget him saying to me “they are going to try and fu$&ing hang us over this”. I laughed it off not realizing the gravity of what he was saying. I also clearly remember him telling me that the crowd was peaceful until Capitol Police began firing tear gas and flash bangs into the crowd. That has been proven with the latest release of the January 6th footage. The friend that gave me this information has since been charged and convicted of multiple offenses since that conversation.  

There have been countless hours of debate over the prior 3 years about what happened on January 6th, 2021. I am yet to hear any debate on why January 6th happened in the first place. The reality is that thousands of Americans were angry about an election they felt was invalid.  When elections become selections, the anger is understandable.

I feel strongly that America is much more likely to experience another event similar to or worse than January 6th since the underlying issues that caused the riot that day have not been addressed. Our elections have become no longer transparent nor secure.  

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Amy Kremer, founder of Women for America First has since launched another initiative in Georgia to require paper ballots only and eliminate all electronic voting machines. The Biden regime launched a new campaign commercial on 1/4/2024 utilizing footage from that day and stating they were fighting against extremists. Contrary to the media narrative I believe strongly that January 6th was less about Donald Trump and more about the anger of common people believing their voice was being extinguished by a tyrannical regime.  

Conservatives have learned no lessons from that day.  Instead, we spend our time battling things like woke culture and attempting to defend our God given Constitutional rights. We have failed to realize that election integrity is the only battle we should be fighting. If we can return our elections at every level back to the people, all of these other issues will fix themselves. 

We don’t need to fight 1,000 battles when 1 battle could be the ultimate solution. It appears the only lesson that was learned on January 6th was to stay out of Washington, D.C. There have been no further large rallies held in the city since.  

Every conservative in the nation should be asking themselves how much tyranny they are willing to accept. While violence is never an acceptable answer, compliance with tyranny is equally as unacceptable. 

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