Sharp: What Will MAGA Look Like Post-Donald Trump?

by | Apr 29, 2024 | Opinion

If you have spent any amount of time online as a Trump supporter, you have certainly seen the rhetoric. Both liberals and the DeSantis crew like to call MAGA a cult and seem excited at the thought of Donald Trump’s demise. They long for the days of a pre-Trump Republican party.  

The reality is that while Trump is the current figurehead of the movement, it was birthed under Ron Paul. Ron Paul took fringe conversations such as no foreign wars and sound economics onto the main stage. Donald Trump then took many of these same conversations from the main stage to the mainstream. Republicans have historically had an insatiable lust for war.  Donald Trump simply found it more effective to obtain peace by leading through a position of strength.

No new wars were started during Trump’s term in office.  

Biden’s term has been the opposite of Trump’s in regard to American intervention in foreign conflict. Most things that the liberal mafia said would happen under Trump have since manifested under Joe Biden. Having deep connections with many in MAGA world, I understand the mentality of MAGA. Regardless of what the left and woke right would tell you, MAGA isn’t about Donald Trump. MAGA is simply the modern rebirth of populism and American sovereignty. Donald Trump is just the current face of the movement, and MAGA will outlive Donald Trump by generations.  

What the left often fails to realize is that Donald Trump is honestly a moderate within the movement. When he finishes his second term and returns home to enjoy his retirement with Melania, MAGA will move substantially further right than where it sits today. Trump moved right from Ron Paul, and who ever follows Trump as the figurehead will move right from our current position.

It could even be argued that MAGA will strengthen post Trump.  Donald Trump has given birth to a whole new generation of populist warriors. It remains unseen who will take over as the face of the base post Trump, however current Congressional fighter Matt Gaetz is making a strong case for himself.  

Matt Gaetz is a man of action and has identified the issues very well while serving in congress. He realizes that most elected Republicans are feckless RINO dinosaurs, so he travels the country endorsing candidates in primaries and building a coalition of true America First fighters.   At 41 years of age, Gaetz also has substantially more runway in his windshield than in his rearview.

There are also others waiting in the wings such as Florida’s Anthony Sabatini. I expect that after Trump, the movement will move further right and have a more youthful face leading it.  Donald Trump has been the tip of the spear in American politics. When the history books are written, Donald Trump will be just as revered for his efforts in fighting a corrupt system outside of office as he will be for what he has and will accomplish in office.  

I believe Donald Trump should and will win a second term in 2024. I also believe that whatever follows Donald Trump as the face of MAGA will be a bit spicier and equally charismatic. MAGA is here to stay. 

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