Sharp: When it Comes to the Francis Scott Key Bridge, The Math Isn’t Adding Up

by | Mar 29, 2024 | Opinion

If you haven’t heard about the Maryland tragedy that took place by now, you are most likely living under a rock. A 948 foot shipping vessel struck a support barrier on the Francis Scott Key Bridge causing a mass casualty incident. The official report of the event states that the vessel lost power, causing it to loose control and veer into the column. I cannot say what actually happened that night, however using open source information I can prove that there are several severe holes in the official narrative. I am not writing this piece to convince you as to what happened, only to prove to you that the news may not be giving you the entire story.  

The official story states that the Dali shifted its course when it lost power. Many social media users stated after watching the video that the ship appeared to turn into the support beam. The ship track above shows the actual track which the ship took and you can see the course correction highlighted in red before it reached its collision point marked in yellow. You can see that the ship at that point was traveling at a speed of 8.8 knots which equates to 10.12 mph. 

The distance from the Dali’s course correction until its impact and stoppage is just under .49 miles. Had the Dali maintained constant speed it would have taken just under 3 minutes to reach the point of its collision. Keep in mind that the official story states that the ship lost power, so maintaining a constant speed would have been near impossible. 

From watching the widely viewed video of the ship losing power, there is no more than a 30 second span of time from the ship losing power until its impact on the bridge. This leads me to ask further questions about the entire incident.  

From watching open source video there seems to be little to no traffic on the bridge at the time of impact. This tragedy occurred in the early morning hours, so light traffic would be entirely plausible. The official story states that the ship placed a mayday call stating that it had lost steering and asked for traffic to be halted. This causes a conflict in the original story. If the ship first lost power when it course corrected, there was certainly no time for that call to be placed.  

According to the emergency services logs, the police call to close the road was placed at 12:27:53 AM  and the collision took place at 12:29 AM. This was hardly enough time for police to arrive and execute a bridge closure. Sadly 6 construction workers who were stated to be repairing potholes on the bridge have been presumed dead.  

The Dali is owned by a Singapore based company, Grace Ocean Ltd.  and managed by a large cargo carrier Synergy Marine.  Maersk had chartered the ship as it was carrying Maersk Cargo. There is another charter company involved, however they are yet to be identified. This isn’t the first incident involving the Dali as the ship previously struck a seawall in Belgium while unmooring and sustained significant damage.  

In a stunning move, the Biden Administration has pledged to use federal funds to rebuild the bridge. 

I spoke with an attorney on Tuesday with experience in the maritime industry. She stated that “cargo vessels are heavily insured for liability, more than likely by Allianz. Maersk is the charter company. There are VERY deep pockets with the companies I’ve mentioned to cover all losses”.

The use of taxpayer funds to absolve a foreign company from liability is highly inappropriate in this circumstance. Is Biden attempting to capitalize on a tragedy to earn the goodwill of voters? The story of exactly what happened that night doesn’t add up in any fashion, and Biden’s eagerness to interject himself on the backend makes it even more questionable.  

We may never know what happened on that night that cost several Americans their lives. I do know for certain that what we are being told isn’t it. As the great Steve Bannon so often says, “There are no conspiracies, but there are no coincidences either.”

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