Sharp: Where do we go After ‘Calendargate’?

by | Jan 2, 2024 | Opinion

Calendargate is now officially dead. The official time of death was called at 8:08 PM ESTon 12/29 by Josie herself. 

Calendargate was an immensely fun time for many, myself included. But its conclusion led me to analyze what it was and why it was so viral on social media. Even though calendargate is long gone, there are still lessons to be learned from it.  

First off, here is no argument that the Godfather of Calendargate is UltraRight beer CEO Seth Weathers. I see Seth as an example of what is great about America. I also see this tweet as a great summary of everything that is wrong in America. 

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The lesson here is that Weathers saw a problem, he created a solution, and he put his money where his mouth is. Being outraged on social media has never and will never solve a political nor cultural problem in America. Donating time, talent and treasure have always been the solution.  

Think back to the public outrage over the blatant steal of the 2020 Presidential Election. Social media was ablaze with theories and outrage.  But the fire quickly diminished. 

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In fact, before being removed, Amy & Kylie Kremer’s Stop The Steal Facebook group was one of the fastest growing groups in Facebook history. The group was at one point gaining more than 100 users every 10 seconds.  

Now a little over 3 years later, the outrage has passed and Americans seen again willing to eat whatever dish they are served. Calendargate reminded me that Americans still have passion. It will be critical for the future of the Republic to channel that passion into things that matter in 2024.  America is blessed to have an Army of Liberty Warriors who fight constantly every day against the tyranny we face.  Many of these folks are nameless and faceless because they don’t fight for clout nor financial gain. They simply love America and want to see her prosper.  

As a writer it’s easy to grab the fun stories such as calendargate. But as we enter 2024 the time for simply having fun has passed. I am challenging everyone who has read this far to donate 1 hour per week for the next 52 weeks to fight for the future of liberty in America. We have a lot at stake, and it’s time to get down to business. Not everyone has to make a huge splash with their efforts. The combination of 1,000 ripples generated by 1,000 large stones thrown into a pond, is much more significant than the splash of 1 large stone.

Several major political events took place around the time frame of calendargate that were met with barely a whimper from conservatives online. FISA was extended by 147 Republican members of Congress, and Donald J Trump has been in the fight of his political life to remain on ballots in multiple states. This article in not meant as a call to outrage, rather a call to action. Anyone, anywhere in America can donate their time to the cause. I will in fact personally be phone banking for Donald Trump in Iowa on 1/14.  

My challenge to Americans in 2024 – Lets make this the year that liberty fighters break the back of the political establishment. Ultimately no one has to listen to my voice or your voice individually, but the power of hundreds or thousands of us together cannot be ignored. 

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