Sharp: Whether You Like Alex Jones or Not, Independent Journalism is Good For America

by | Dec 15, 2023 | Opinion

On Sunday December 10, 2023, Alex Jones was reinstated to Twitter in a win for free speech and independent journalism. I have never been a regular listener nor viewer of Jones, but that is now subject to change. I tend to give an ear to anyone who has been silenced, because there are always hidden truths to why they have been silenced. I will pay much more attention to Alex Jones going forward than I did previously.  

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Many independent journalists are often unfairly labeled as conspiracy theorists. Take for example Laura Loomer, who is often the recipient of much online vitriol. Laura is often called a liar, hateful, and some go as far as to simply call her a nasty person. These things are said to her simply because she tells the truth. As a contributor to, I am extremely familiar with how she operates.  In my first conversation with Laura she simply gave me 3 rules to follow.  #1 do not plagiarize, #2 do not slander, #3 if your going to write something you have to have the receipts to prove it.  

I cannot say if Alex Jones follows the same standard of integrity, nor is it my responsibility to agree with him on every point he makes. Much like Laura Loomer, I suspect that Alex Jones takes an approach that makes people begin to look at things differently and ask questions they may not have asked. Regardless of my opinion of Jones, I support anyone’s right to freely express themselves and question narratives they don’t agree with without being deplatformed.  When the truth is allowed to be judged by only those in power, the only thing that will be true will be what benefits that power.  

The American people must reach a point where they can accept controversy as possibility and open dialogue as healthy.  100% agreement in any direction is not healthy for civilization. We must reach the point where we simply tune out things that we dislike rather than attempting to cancel them. I personally do not like mayonnaise, and it is arguably more harmful than anyone’s words, however I will not advocate for its ban.  We must look at media in the same light.  If you do not like what someone has to say, either research it or move on to someone that you might find more agreeable. I am not writing this article in defense of Alex Jones or even Laura Loomer. I am however, defending their right to speak their opinion freely without fear of cancellation.  

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Many Americans were understandably upset with the thought of forced vaccination. Why are these Americans not equally outraged when they are being told what they can and cannot listen to. There is no such thing as partial freedom. You are either free or you’re under tyranny.  

Alex Jones reinstatement while a win, is a small one. You rarely see a team win the Super Bowl by driving the field and kicking a field goal.  Alex Jones is a field goal, but we must continue to push for absolute freedom of speech for anyone, even when we hate what they have to say.  

I will begin to pay more attention to Jones’ words. Should I disagree with his perspective, I will simply not pay attention to it.  What is important is that Alex Jones, Laura Loomer or anyone else in America be allowed the right to have an equal platform to share their beliefs.  No great problem in American history has been solved without a large amount of diverse discussion. I have no reason to believe that America’s tyranny problem will be any different. 

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