Sharp: Who Framed Roger Stone?

by | Jan 22, 2024 | Opinion

Last week Mediaite published what they claim was audio of Roger Stone discussing the assassination of two Democrat politicians in the weeks leading up to the 2020 election.  According to a CNN report published this week, the US Capitol Police along with the FBI are investigating Stone over the remarks.  

An excerpt from the alleged recording:

“It’s time to do it,” Stone told Greco, according to the recording published by Mediaite. “Let’s go find Swalwell. It’s time to do it. Then we’ll see how brave the rest of them are. It’s time to do it. It’s either Swalwell or Nadler has to die before the election. They need to get the message. Let’s go find Swalwell and get this over with. I’m just not putting up with this sh*t anymore.”

Stone alleges that these recording were AI manipulated or generated.  

“Total nonsense. I’ve never said anything of the kind more AI manipulation. You asked me to respond to audios that you don’t let me hear and you don’t identify a source for. Absurd,” Stone told Mediaite.

Anyone looking objectively can see that the DOJ has been weaponized against former President Donald J. Trump.  It isn’t difficult to draw the line from Stone to Trump’s rise to Pennsylvania Avenue.  It also isn’t difficult to see why the deep state would want to remove Roger Stone from his role in American politics.  He’s simply effective.   

AI technology is on the rise, and politics is the next battlefront for it to be applied.  It’s rise has been covered by multiple publications as of late. 

Framing Roger Stone with words that he didn’t say would simply be a stereotypical “kill two birds with one stone” scenario.  (no pun intended)  Not only would it sideline Roger Stone, it could potentially bring damage to Donald Trump.  It isn’t Roger Stone and Donald Trump that the deep state hate, it’s simply everything that these men stand for.  

I have not asked Roger for a comment on this situation, as I know that if an investigation is being conducted, he cannot comment.  I don’t know Roger extremely well, but he’s far from a stranger, as we do communicate regularly.  The Roger Stone portrayed by Mediaite is far from the man that I know.  

Roger is often referred to as someone with a checkered past.  I would argue that Roger’s past could much more accurately be described as someone with a colorful past.  Those with a checkered past typically don’t air it on a Netflix documentary.  Roger Stone is who Roger Stone is, and I have no reason to believe that Roger Stone is someone who would attempt to take the life of another human being.  Roger Stone is the most effective political strategist in American history and the deep state fears him.  They realize that long after a 2nd Donald Trump term, another America First populist will rise with Roger Stone by his side.  It is for this reason that Roger Stone is being targeted.  

My hope is that the bogus investigation into Stone proves to be a waste and that Stone can bring his accusers and the creator of the bogus audio to a court of law over the damages they have caused to his good name.  We must return to the point in American politics where it is unacceptable to attempt to imprison our opponents.  

In the meantime… God Bless Roger Stone. 

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