Shocking Poll Numbers Show Anthony Sabatini in Dead Heat With Career Politician Dan Webster

by | Nov 30, 2023 | News

Former Florida state Rep. Anthony Sabatini, the grassroots darling running for Florida’s 11th congressional district, has some wind under his wings today after an official poll conducted by U.S. Term Limits shows the underdog challenger in a dead heat against liberal Republican incumbent, Dan Webster.

According to the recent RMG Research poll for U.S. Term Limits, the numbers indicate that Congressman Daniel Webster, a long-serving Florida politician, is at risk of losing his congressional seat in the GOP primary to Anthony Sabatini due largely to his stance on term limits.

Webster, in office since 1980, leads Sabatini by only six points (35% to 29%). However, the poll reveals that 92% of GOP voters in District 11 support term limits on Congress.

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When informed that Sabatini has signed the U.S. Term Limits pledge and supports term limits, as opposed to Webster’s opposition, Sabatini gains a significant lead (55% to 18%).

Nick Tomboulides, Executive Director of U.S. Term Limits, attributes Sabatini’s surge to the popularity of term limits in Florida and his advocacy for them, contrasting with Webster’s long tenure in politics. Sabatini’s election would make him the 12th Republican in Florida’s congressional delegation to sign the U.S. Term Limits pledge, a commitment to sponsor and vote for a constitutional amendment for a three-term limit in the House and a two-term limit in the Senate.

The poll, conducted between November 14-19th, surveyed 300 likely Republican primary voters in Florida’s 11th District.

Sabatini quickly went to his X social media account to post the poll results, highlighting that despite Webster being in office since 1980, his support was dwindling even before Sabatini has run any ads or mail campaigns in the district.

Sabatini describes this as a “devastating poll” for Webster, who he labels a RINO (Republican In Name Only) and mentions a recent ranking labeling Webster as “The Least Effective Member” in Congress, according to

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