‘So Iconic’: Republican Rick Becker Enlists Destroyer of Bud Light, Dylon Mulvany, to Send a Message to ‘RINO’ Julie Fedorchack

by | May 21, 2024 | Quick Reads

It’s not everyday you get to laugh at a politician’s expense, but when you do, that moment is absolutely priceless.

Well, in Republican congressional candidate Rick Becker’s case, it was worth the cost of a Cameo fee from notorious transgender activist Dylon Mulvaney. Yes, the same Dylon Mulvaney used in the ad campaign which crippled Bud Light, a beer which may or may not make you gay.

“Getting this video made was pretty dang fun,” Becker posted to X/Twitter.

“Dylan Mulvaney, though I doubt he knows who Julie Fedorchak is, did an excellent job highlighting her work against coal plants in North Dakota and her desire to work with RINO’s in DC. Well worth the Cameo fee for the laugh and to get our message out.”

This epic trolling of his opponent, Julie Fedorchack, was done though to bring attention to her “radical green energy proposals” which Becker claims has harmed jobs related to the coal industry in North Dakota.

“In contrast, I recently received the endorsement of Co-Chairman of the Congressional Coal Caucus, because of my commitment to the coal industry.”

“Your friend Rick told me you have a huge job change coming up,” Dylon said to her new ‘friend’ Julie. “And from what I understand you just spent like 10 or more years in North Dakota, like, basically saving the planet, like promoting green energy and reducing harmful coal plants which is so iconic…”

“And now, I’m very excited for this, you’re going to the D.C. Zoo to be working with rhinos [RINOS]! Babe, that is insane!”

Well played Mr. Becker, well played.

Julie Fedorchack has not responded to Becker’s Cameo gift at time of publishing.

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