Toure: Donald Trump Has Stockholm Syndrome

by | Jan 2, 2024 | Opinion

Donald Trump has yet again set the internet ablaze. He recently posted a statement to his Truth social page addressing the FBI keeping its headquarters in D.C.

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This would typically seem like a balanced “law and order” approach in response to the high levels of disrespect for property and the rising crime we’re currently seeing in many leftist-run cities at first glance. But when we think about it a bit beneath the surface, it showcases a serious flaw that “The Don” has.

That flaw? 45th President Donald Trump suffers from government induced Stockholm syndrome.

Stockholm syndrome describes the psychological condition of a victim who identifies with and empathizes with their captor or abuser and their goals.

Whether we go back a bit to his first presidential campaign, where the FBI surveilled him; a little further ahead, when they claimed he was a Russian asset and lied on him; or when they ran cover for the Hunter Biden laptop by harassing him, the FBI has never been a friend of Donald Trump.

Even more recently, the FBI raided and searched the former president’s Mar-a-Lago estate and broke into his safe, which was completely unprecedented. But instead of calling for a massive overhaul, removal, or limitation of this particular agency, he advocates for (or what some believe is “trolling”) spending tax dollars to build them a brand new “spectacular” building.

Now I know you’re about to say, “Congress already allocated that money for it; he’s just saying they shouldn’t leave DC.” But is that what someone who was ran through the wringer of this corrupt and rogue agency would say? Is this what someone harassed by the FBI, who isn’t suffering from some sort of strange addiction to the toxic relationship known as government, would be okay with parroting with no pushback?

Situated similarly, what a presidential candidate with Donald Trump’s history who also understands limited government could’ve or should’ve said in relation to this FBI building is:

1. Nothing.

2. “The FBI in its current form isn’t deserving of the funds allocated to it.”

3. “There may be some good men and women who work in the FBI, but the leadership is horrible, and we shouldn’t spend more money there until there’s a massive overhaul.”

4. “This is very much the same FBI that targeted myself, my staff, and my supporters. This same FBI is going after Americans who peacefully assembled on January 6th. I can’t support rewards for this type of anti-American sentiment.”

But does he say any of those things? Nope.

Instead, he just offers Americans more of the same “back the blue” catch phrases, even after being a target of their witch hunt. These are the statements of a man desperately clinging to a toxic and abusive government relationship. It is not the expected speech of a man fighting for the American people at this level of experience with the FBI.

No, it’s not 4D chess; he’s simply, intentionally or unintentionally, advocating for more of the same, which he has a history of doing: Operation Warpspeed, the bump stock ban, and the largest government spending in American history.

Wanting to reward the FBI for anything at this point reeks of bootlicking energy, and at some point, free thinkers must call out the contradiction. Just because we see the extreme left attempt to handle Donald Trump improperly doesn’t mean he isn’t advocating for a different flavor of authoritarianism.

At best, we are seeing his unrealistic hope that more “law and order” will course correct America when it’s only served to infringe on the rights and privacy of Americans, as it has to him.

And at worst, he’s willingly a part of the same agenda under a different approach—controlled opposition at its finest.

But let’s not allow the whole “Trump wants to build the FBI a shiny new facility” thing to distract us from reality; the sovereignty of the nation is failing, and we need a more informed and engaged populace to defeat that agenda. Trump’s statement is silly and contradictory. But that’s on him.

What we need to do is get serious about limited government or stop complaining about whatever run-of-the-mill politician we get. We deserve it.

Maj Toure is the president and founder of Black Guns Matter. You can follow him on X at @MajToure999.

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