TOURE: What People Don’t Understand About Trump’s Immunity

by | Jul 3, 2024 | Opinion

The Supreme Court handed down a recent landmark decision granting Donald Trump partial immunity from special counsel Jack Smith’s election subversion case, handing the former president a significant win during his reelection bid. Extreme leftists and media pundits are already running with scathing narratives, implying that this will allow Trump to become a dictator, tying the ruling into Project 2025 and other conspiracies.

For those who haven’t read the Constitution but feel compelled to critique the recent SCOTUS ruling on presidential immunity, it’s time for a reality check. You’re not just embarrassing yourself; you’re showcasing a glaring lack of understanding about our founding documents and basic civics. Here’s what this ruling really means and why you might want to reconsider your stance.

First, let’s clarify presidential powers. The Supreme Court’s decision didn’t grant new powers to the executive branch; it merely clarified the existing ones. The opinions further specify that states cannot punish presidents for executing powers explicitly granted to them by the Constitution. This isn’t about expanding presidential power but ensuring it remains within constitutional limits.

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The uproar from the left stems from SCOTUS’s recent trend of strictly adhering to the Constitution. Many recent rulings have curtailed federal and deep state overreach, which some have become accustomed to wielding for political ends. It’s essential to remember that the Constitution’s purpose, including the separation of powers, is to prevent any one branch from becoming tyrannical.

Understanding the role of SCOTUS allows you to put this in perspective. The Supreme Court’s job is to interpret the Constitution and ensure that no president morphs into a monarch and that the federal government doesn’t overstep its bounds. Politicians who lack respect for constitutional principles or choose to ignore them are quick to criticize these rulings because it limits their power.

When politicians and media figures toss around terms like “immunity,” it’s easy for those unfamiliar with civics to take the bait. This ruling does not make a president a king. Yet politicians like AOC and Cory Booker imply that this ruling puts Trump above the law. Instead, it clarifies the areas where a president has immunity and where they do not. For example, a president ordering military action with congressional approval is acting within their official capacity and would be immune from legal repercussions related to those actions. However, this immunity does not extend to actions like assassinating political opponents, another wild assertion that has been floating on social media, which is not within the official powers of the presidency.

This decision aims to prevent rogue state agents from using frivolous charges to target political opponents who are or have been presidents. It’s about checks and balances, ensuring that no single branch or level of government overreaches.

But why is there such a backlash? The reality is that many people are reacting emotionally rather than logically. The Supreme Court is often misunderstood, and its decisions are frequently misrepresented. This ruling is not about protecting an individual; it’s about protecting the integrity of the office of the president and ensuring that our constitutional framework remains intact.

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Before letting media narratives dictate your opinions, take a moment to fact-check and understand the ruling’s implications. The loudest celebrities, and unfortunately even the politicians, are not constitutional scholars, and neither are the talking heads you see on TV. Do some research before echoing their sentiments. Don’t be content with ignorance. Educate yourself and engage in informed discussion.

For those genuinely interested in understanding the Constitution and the recent SCOTUS rulings, consider taking a civics class or reading up on constitutional law. Knowledge is power, and understanding our government’s framework will make you a more informed and responsible citizen.

In conclusion, the recent SCOTUS ruling on presidential immunity is a reaffirmation of constitutional principles, not a deviation from them. It ensures that the executive branch operates within its defined limits while protecting the president from frivolous state-level prosecutions for actions taken within official capacity. So before you jump on the outrage bandwagon, take a step back, do your homework, and understand what’s really at stake.

Maj Toure is the president and founder of Black Guns Matter. You can follow him on X at @MajToure999.

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