Trump Commits to Commuting Ross Ulbricht’s Sentence on Day 1 of His Second Term

by | May 25, 2024 | News, Quick Reads

Donald Trump spoke to a mixed crowd on Saturday evening at the Libertarian National Convention.
Trump started his address of the audience by touting the crowd of enthusiastic Libertarians by labeling
them as “Pure Champions of Freedom”. Trump received laughter from the Washington D.C. crowd by
stating “if I wasn’t a Libertarian, after being indicted 91 times I am now”.

Many of Trump’s early talking points were standard for any previous Trump rally. He touted his broad
economic accomplishments, his support of the 2 nd Amendment and his belief in the right to try
experimental treatments. Trump asked for the support of the Libertarian Party or Libertarian votes.
Trump exclaimed “now is the time to unify and beat Joe Biden”. In doing so Trump referred to Marxism
as “an evil doctrine straight from the ashes of hell”. Trump touted his ability to stop foreign war and
reminded the audience that he was the only President in 70 years with no new wars.

Trump made 2 commitments to Libertarian Party faithful by promising that he would place a Libertarian
into a cabinet position and would place Libertarians into multiple senior level positions. Trump referred
to November 5, 2024 as “The Final Battle” and promised to destroy the deep state with the help of
Libertarians. Trump also spoke on his commitment to protect cryptocurrency from Elizabeth Warren
and her attempts to regulate it. Cryptocurrency is playing an unexpected role in 2024’s Presidential
election. Pro Trump meme coins like Pepe Trump not only have a market cap in the millions, they
produce some of the best content on the internet in support of Donald Trump.

Perhaps the most unexpected and well received remark of the night was Donald Trump’s words
regarding Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht. Ulbricht created The Silk Road in 2011 and it was online
until his arrest in 2013. Proving that he is connected to the grassroots of America regardless of
political party, Donald Trump committed to commuting his sentence on day 1 of a second Trump
term. This was met with significant warmth by the crowd, many of which were holding signs
stating, “Free Ross”. Donald Trump simply stated, “It’s been 11 years, he’s suffered enough”.

While it wasn’t the thunderous crowd of a typical MAGA rally, Donald Trump proved tonight that he
could walk into a room full of individuals who were unsure of him and change hearts and minds.
Donald Trump is at his best when he is free to speak from his heart, and for a good portion of
tonight’s speech Trump did just that. At the very least, Donald Trump’s commitment to commuting
the sentence of Ross Ulbricht proves that Donald Trump can listen to the grass roots base. Trump’s
commitment tonight was a win for activists everywhere.

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