Unshackle Our Energy: Why US Energy Independence Should Be Absolutely Non-Negotiable

by | Oct 11, 2023 | Opinion

Guest post by John Lore

The quest for energy independence is more than a mere economic endeavor; it is a venture rooted in securing the national interest and fortifying the economic backbone of the United States. The narrative of energy dependence on foreign nations such as Venezuela and Saudi Arabia is a precarious tale, fraught with the perils of subjecting America’s energy security to the whims of regimes that often do not share our democratic values or geopolitical interests.

The adverse implications of energy reliance on external, often unstable or hostile regimes, are manifold. It invites a plethora of national security challenges, rendering the United States vulnerable to supply disruptions and price manipulations in the global energy market. This dependency not only emboldens these nations but also entangles American foreign policy in a complex web of geopolitical interests, often at odds with our values and strategic objectives.

Historically, the United States’ energy dependency has at times led to economic downturns, witnessed vividly during the oil embargo of the 1970s, which sent shockwaves through the American economy, precipitating rampant inflation and unemployment. The lesson was clear: relinquishing control over our energy destiny is a recipe for economic and geopolitical turmoil.

Contrary to this, the energy independence policy championed by Republicans and former President Donald Trump exemplified a pragmatic approach towards harnessing America’s abundant energy resources. This strategy aimed at revitalizing the domestic energy sector, including oil drilling and coal mining, thereby insulating the nation from foreign energy shocks and contributing to a resurgence of reliable, well-paying jobs across the heartland.

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However, the stance adopted by the Joe Biden administration, characterized by limitations on US drilling and coal mining, threatens to reverse the gains achieved towards energy self-sufficiency. Such policy shifts, under the banner of environmental considerations, overlook the monumental strides made in clean coal technology and the regulated, safer drilling practices employed in the domestic oil sector.

Furthermore, by throttling domestic energy production, the administration is not only jeopardizing America’s energy security but also inflicting economic hardship on working and middle-class Americans. The burgeoning costs of energy, exacerbated by foreign supply uncertainties, bear heavily on American households, eroding the disposable income of families and stifling the economic aspirations of the working class.

The populist underpinning of energy independence resonates with the fundamental aspiration of restoring America’s industrial vigor and reinvigorating the heartland’s economic landscape. By fostering a robust domestic energy sector, the United States can usher in a renaissance of reliable, well-paying jobs, alleviating the economic malaise afflicting the working class while reinstating the nation’s industrial prowess.

Tapping into America’s vast energy reserves is a pragmatic, forward-looking strategy that transcends partisan divides. It embodies a vision of an economically resilient, secure, and industrially buoyant nation, unshackled from the uncertainties of foreign energy dependencies. As we deliberate the trajectory of America’s energy policy, let us champion the cause of energy independence as a linchpin for a prosperous and secure American future.

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