WATCH: VP Harris Affirms Biden’s Re-Election Intent Amid Speculations

by | Nov 7, 2023 | News

Vice President Kamala Harris, during her appearance on “60 Minutes” with Bill Whitaker on Sunday, squashed rumors surrounding President Joe Biden’s potential step-down from the 2024 presidential race. She reassured viewers that Biden “is very much alive” and intends to run for re-election despite whispers of discord among Democratic donors on future candidates.

The conversation veered into the hypothetical scenario of Biden’s absence from the race, hinting at Harris as a natural successor. However, according to a report from Fox News, Harris sidestepped the conjecture, emphasizing her focus on current responsibilities rather than “parlor games.”

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She expressed confidence in the administration’s re-election prospects, dismissing any doubts cast by her approval ratings which linger at 41% according to a CBS poll mentioned by Whitaker.

The dialogue unfolded against a backdrop of Rep. Dean Phillips’ announcement to challenge Biden in the Democratic primaries, urging for a generational shift in leadership. Though not directly discussed in the interview, the challenge underscores a section of the party’s appetite for change.

The age and stamina of President Biden, who will be 82 if re-elected, have been recurrent concerns among voters. Despite these, the firm stance from Harris aims to quell uncertainties and solidify the administration’s resolve to continue its tenure.

As the political landscape evolves with emerging challengers, the Biden-Harris ticket seems poised to maintain a united front leading to 2024. Harris’ disinterest in entertaining hypothetical succession debates underscores a concerted effort to keep the focus on present governance, steering clear of conjectures that might divert their administrative agenda.

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