WATCH: Finance Expert Carol Roth Fires Back at Actor Turned Pseudo-Commentator Hal Sparks Over “MAGA Dimwits” Insult For Calling Out Biden’s Inflation Record

by | Mar 12, 2024 | Quick Reads

Shocking fact: There are people out there on the internet with a pretty thick skin, especially in the political crowd on X. I know what you’re thinking, “everyone just seems to bitch and whine all the time! What are you talking about?

Well, reformed banker turned entrepreneur and financial expert Carol Roth, who isn’t afraid to jump into the current events mix and call out balls and strikes regardless of which party is in control, is one of those people it takes a lot to tick off online with trolling and bullying tactics.

However, after a recent appearance on the Glenn Beck Program to discuss “shrinkflation and Biden’s mishandling of inflation, Roth and Beck were attacked by some guy named Hal Sparks.

Roth wasn’t going to let this one slide, especially since according to her, she had never had a negative interaction with someone who she thought she was on “cordial” terms with.

Don’t know Hal Sparks? You’re not missing out. He’s some actor that obviously wasn’t getting enough gigs and suffers from some obvious TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) so he’s turned to just criticizing everyone remotely right of Mao— including Roth, whom he labeled along with Beck as “MAGA dimwits” in a recent online screed in order to get clicks.

Want the full story? Well, I won’t get in the way any longer.

Watch Carol Roth’s response to Sparks below:

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