WATCH: New Rick Becker Ad Says it’s Time Fake Conservatives Get a ‘RINO-plasty’, Reminds Voters Who the True America First Candidate is

by | Jun 1, 2024 | News

As Republicans are forced to determine which among them are truly pro-Trump and pro-America, congressional candidate and liberty Republican, Dr. Rick Becker from North Dakota has once again made it clear, there is no time or room for RINOs as we get closer to November.

“RINOS [Republicans in name only] in Washington, their lies make them easy to spot,” Becker narrates as the ad shows a gaggle of Pinocchio-nosed politicians hobnobbing at a social gathering.

“RINOS will say anything for votes. Lying about being conservative while cutting bad deals that leave America hurting and unsecure. Washington, its time for a ‘RINOplasty’,” joked Becker, who by trade is a reconstructive surgeon.

Watch the full ad here:

In this contentious race for North Dakota’s lone congressional seat, former state representative Dr. Rick Becker has been leading a campaign marked by high-profile endorsements and sharp critiques of his opponent, Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak

Becker’s campaign recently gained attention with an unconventional move: commissioning a Cameo video from transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney to mock Fedorchak’s green energy policies and ties to Washington “RINOs.” The video highlighted Fedorchak’s efforts to promote green energy and reduce coal plants, which Becker argues have harmed North Dakota’s coal industry.

Becker, who has received endorsements from prominent conservatives like Senator Rand Paul, is positioning himself as the true pro-liberty candidate committed to supporting the coal industry and conservative values.

Fedorchak’s campaign, however, is mired in controversy following a hot mic incident where she admitted her family received $20,000 from Carbon Summit Solutions for a carbon sequestration easement, with promises of more payments upon project completion. This revelation has raised serious concerns about conflicts of interest, especially given her initial recusal from the pipeline approval process. Critics, including Becker and former Miss America Cara Mund, have questioned Fedorchak’s integrity, citing her financial stake in the pipeline and past campaign donations from companies she regulated.

The heated exchanges and ongoing scrutiny are likely to influence voters as the June 11th primary approaches, where the race has been described as a proxy war between the factions of Senator Rand Paul and Senator Mitt Romney.

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