WATCH: Nick Freitas Explains Perfectly Why the Government is ‘So Bad’ at Customer Service

by | Nov 3, 2023 | News

Ever wonder why you’re unhappy at the Department of Motor Vehicles, or how reaching the Social Security office can be so difficult, or why contacting the IRS regarding your taxes seems to be a almost always dreadful task? Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas, also the host of the popular series “the Why Minutes“, explained perfectly in a recent video why this seems to always be the case with government.

“So I had somebody ask me once, ‘why are government agencies so bad at customer service?'” he began. “And the reality is, they’re not. They’re actually incredibly responsive. The problem is, you’re not the customer.

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“I am,” Freitas stated. “And the reason I am is because I’m a legislator, which means I get to write budget amendments and I get to vote on their budget and they know that, so when I call, they pick up the phone pretty quick. The problem is, they know you don’t have a choice, because their budgets are funded by your tax dollars which you don’t have a lot of control over and they also know that the services they provide you probably can’t get anywhere else legally.”

He continued that to the government, “customer service just isn’t that important. Now if you think that’s a problem, I completely agree, which is why you should be very skeptical of any politician that believes that the government should have more control over the delivery of goods and services.”

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