‘We Got Some Real Sh*t Going On Out Here Joe’: Rapper 50 Cent Calls Out Biden For Taking Another Vacation To Delaware

by | Oct 26, 2023 | News

Rapper 50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson, recently expressed disapproval on social media over President Joe Biden’s beach vacation amidst ongoing domestic and international crises. Through an Instagram post, the rapper showcased a photo of Biden at the beach, urging him to take action as, in his words, “we in trouble” as reported by Fox News.

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This sentiment resonates with various criticisms the President has received over his vacations, especially during crucial times.

As noted by the Washington Examiner, Jackson’s post came at a time when many are expressing concerns over domestic issues like inflation, alongside international problems like the Israel-Hamas conflict. The rapper further questioned the President’s plan amidst the current global state, emphasizing the urgency of the situation in a follow-up post. This isn’t Jackson’s first venture into political commentary; he publicly supported former President Donald Trump in October 2020 after learning about tax increases proposed by the Biden campaign.


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The White House announced the end of Biden’s vacation at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, with plans to focus on “Bidenomics” upon his return. However, the frequency of Biden’s vacations has become a subject of criticism, with critics pointing out the president’s absence during critical times, such as the Hawaii wildfire disaster in August. The rapper’s public criticism highlights a growing concern among some segments of the public regarding the president’s response to ongoing issues.

The social media outcry from 50 Cent and others reflects a broader discourse on the President’s availability and responsiveness to both national and international crises, shedding light on the public’s expectations of presidential engagement during tumultuous times.

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