Why I Left the Republican Party After 25 Years

by | Jan 12, 2024 | Opinion

By guest contributor Fed Up Kentuckian

The day before Thanksgiving 2023, I made the decision to leave the Republican Party after 25 years of being a registered Republican and register myself as an Independent.

There is a plethora of reasons for the decision I made that day. From how the Republican Party treated Congressman Ron Paul during his 2008 and 2012 Presidential runs to supporting the likes of Paul Ryan and John Boehner as House Speaker, to how they allowed Donald Trump to basically come in and put the final death knell in the political party as a party of Fiscal and Constitutional Conservativism. The GOP Today is run by an incredibly incompetent woman named Ronna McDaniel. The party has less than 10 million dollars of cash on hand.

It is not just the GOP Political Party at the national level that I am fed up with. I am also fed up with the Kentucky Republican Party as well.  How on Earth does a political party have a super majority in the State House and State Senate and all Constitutional seats filled with Republicans and still end up re-electing a COVID Tyrant and DEI Poster boy in Democrat Governor Andy Beshear?  How did it ever allow Andy to be elected to begin with?

If President Donald Trump’s endorsements still had any power, and they do not, then there is no way that former Governor Matt Bevin should have been defeated.  It was the incompetence of the Kentucky Republican Party that even allowed Andy Beshear to make it to his re-election by refusing to allow impeachment to make it to the Kentucky House Floor for a vote. This is a man that put over 900,000 Kentuckians out of work in 2020 and sent the State Police to harass those who chose to attend church services in person. This was ruled unconstitutional and taxpayers were forced to pay lawyers $270,000 dollars in fees. Removing Beshear from the Governor’s position should have been an absolute slam dunk.

Make no mistake, it was President Donald Trump’s betrayal of all that is Conservative in 2020 when he decided to completely collapse to the SWAMP in giving them everything they wanted and more with signing the CARES ACT/COVID Stimulus spending in March of 2020 and then later in December of 2020 which created 4.2 Trillion dollars of new debt which kicked off the Inflation we are suffering with today that pushed me over the edge.  He didn’t just sign this into law with great arrogance, he did so while demanding that KY-4 US Representative Thomas Massie be kicked out of the GOP.

Today, if you believe the polls, Trump is the leading Candidate for the 2024 GOP Nomination. With everything President Trump did to harm America and Americans during his term to include but not a complete list, its among the chief reasons why I am no longer a registered Republican:

  1. 5 Trillion of new Debt in 2020 alone (A Record)
  2. Nominated Christopher Wray to head the FBI
  3. Pushed Red Flag Gun Laws
  4. Pushed Bump Stock Bans
  5. Awarded Dr. Fauci
  6. Abused a War Power to force companies to produce ventilators that will never be used
  7. Continues to proclaim himself to be the father of the deadly clot shot
  8. Mocks Conservatives with his associations with Bruce Jenner and cheap shots at the Pro-Life agenda.

Former President Trump’s demeanor isn’t just limited to him.  It has been used as a blue-print for his online “Dilley Meme Team” and serial harassers like Laura Loomer to constantly seek to harass, dox, and try to ruin the lives of anyone that dares to disagree with Donald Trump being the 2024 GOP Nominee. Today’s GOP resembles nothing of the Fiscal and Constitutional values I hold near and dear to my heart.  It has become an absolute joke.

@FedUpKentuckian on X formerly known as Twitter.

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