Wife of North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer Slams Julie Fedorchak Over ‘Negative, Untruthful’ Ads Attacking Rick Becker: ‘Shame on You!’

by | Jun 3, 2024 | News

Wife of Senator Kevin Cramer of North Dakota, Kris Cramer, is calling out Republican congressional candidate Julie Fedorchack for running a series of attack ads against liberty Republican Rick Becker that she considers “negative” and “untruthful”.

“Now I turn on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) and I have to listen to a negative, untruthful ad about Rick Becker!” Cramer posted on Facebook. “Shame on you Julie Fedorchak!!!”

Fedorchak has been parading an endorsement from former President Donald Trump, whom activists and insiders believe did so as a political favor to VP prospect, former North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum.

When a Fedorchak supporter began to antagonize Cramer, she shot back.

“Donald Trump doesn’t know Julie Fedorchack,” Cramer responded. “He’s got Doug Burgum talking to him. He wouldn’t even know how to say her last name.”

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“North Dakotans know I’m going to work with President Trump to Make America Great Again,” Becker said after the announcement of the endorsement. “And that starts with building a wall and securing the border.”

On Monday, Becker announced he had officially received the endorsement of prominent America First figure, legendary political strategist, and Trump confidant Roger Stone.

Becker has received endorsements from high profile conservatives like Senator Rand Paul and others in North Dakota and throughout the nation.

Fedorchak’s campaign has been mired in controversy, especially following a hot mic incident where she admitted her family received $20,000 from Carbon Summit Solutions for a carbon sequestration easement, with promises of more payments upon project completion. This revelation has raised serious concerns about conflicts of interest, especially given her initial recusal from the pipeline approval process.

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