Wiping Out William: Biden’s Revisionist History Strikes Again in Philadelphia

by | Jan 8, 2024 | Opinion

In an utterly disgraceful move, the Biden administration, under the misguided leadership of Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, has decided to erase a pivotal piece of American history from Philadelphia.

The statue of William Penn, the honorable founder of Pennsylvania, is being callously removed from its rightful place in a park that was established in 1982 to mark the 300th anniversary of his founding of the colony. This park, symbolically located on the site of Penn’s original home, is a testament to his enduring legacy.

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The administration’s plan to ‘rehabilitate’ this historic site near the Delaware River at Sansom and Second Streets in Philadelphia is nothing short of historical vandalism. The audacious proposal to expand the interpretation of Native American history in Philadelphia, developed with representatives of various indigenous nations, completely disregards the significance of Penn’s contributions.

It’s a bitter irony that much of the park’s original design will remain, yet the statue of Penn and the model of his home will be heartlessly removed and not reinstalled. The National Park Service, with Charles Sams III at its helm, seems to have forgotten the importance of preserving our nation’s rich heritage. The agency, which oversees numerous historical sites in Philadelphia’s Old City neighborhood, is now an instrument in the hands of those who wish to rewrite history.

This decision, lauded by those who prioritize ‘equity’ over historical accuracy, is a slap in the face to Americans who cherish our nation’s past. These sites, including Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and Congress Hall, are sacred grounds where the seeds of our nation were sown. By erasing Penn’s presence, the administration is not only disrespecting his legacy but also undermining the values of religious and civil freedom he championed.

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The new park design by Venturi & Scott Brown Associates, replacing a site that celebrated Penn’s life and the state of Pennsylvania, is a tragic testament to the current administration’s disregard for our nation’s founders. William Penn, a visionary Quaker who stood for religious freedom and was an early voice against slavery, is now unjustly vilified based on selective historical narratives. The recent focus on his slave-owning past, while ignoring his significant contributions to abolitionism and civil liberties, is a clear indication of a dangerous trend to judge historical figures solely by contemporary standards.

The removal of historical statues across the country, whether they be of Confederate figures or other historical personalities, signifies a troubling movement towards erasing our nation’s history. This relentless pursuit of a so-called ‘purification’ of public historical records is a grave injustice to the complex and multifaceted history of the United States.

In a time when historical understanding is more important than ever, the removal of William Penn’s statue from this historic Philadelphia park is not just an affront to his legacy but a perilous step towards erasing the very foundations upon which our great nation was built. The public must vehemently oppose this proposal and demand the preservation of our historical monuments, which serve as tangible reminders of our rich and diverse past.

Austin Petersen is a former Libertarian presidential candidate turned Republican and the host of the Wake Up America show every Monday-Friday from 7-9am central which you can stream live on Rumble, or listen to on Spotify or iTunes. He resides in Jefferson City, Missouri with his wife Stephanie and their two presidential French Bulldogs, Calvin and George.

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