‘Woke’ Maryland Private School Incident Forces us to Ask, Will Conservatives Have to Create Their Own Schools Now?

by | Feb 12, 2024 | Opinion

Guest post by John Lore

In recent times, the infiltration of “woke” ideology into America’s educational system has sparked intense debate, concern, and action among conservative circles. A report from ZeroHedge highlights this trend through the lens of an elite private school in Baltimore County, Maryland, where a controversial “identity inventory survey” was distributed to 5th-grade students.

This survey, which inquired into the students’ gender and sexuality, is the latest flashpoint in a broader cultural and educational conflict that pits traditional educational values against modern progressive ideologies.

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The incident at St. Paul’s School, where the headmaster reportedly threatened to expel students whose parents criticized the school’s woke policies on social media, underscores a troubling development: schools increasingly encroach upon parental rights and delve into personal matters that many believe are inappropriate for the educational setting. The backlash from parents, as reported, is a clear sign of growing dissatisfaction with the direction of education in certain institutions.

Republican Del. Nino Mangione’s comments further illuminate the depth of concern among conservatives, emphasizing the perceived shift from education to indoctrination within Maryland’s schools.

Del. Nino Mangione stated:

This is a deeply concerning report and speaks to the ongoing crisis in the education of Maryland’s children.  The fact that a “survey” of this type could be distributed to 5th-grade students without the knowledge or permission of their parents is totally unacceptable. Once again, we see the liberal education establishment attempting to indoctrinate children rather than educate them. Now, we learn of the two largest teacher’s unions in the country training educators on how to include gender identity polices in their curriculum and classroom teaching practices. Parents are justifiably outraged by St. Paul’s “identity inventory survey,” and I support the parents in their outrage.” 

This sentiment is not isolated but reflects a nationwide unease as more educational institutions adopt similar approaches.

Given this backdrop, conservatives are at a crossroads. The question is not merely about opposing “woke” ideology but about proactively safeguarding and promoting a vision of education rooted in classical liberal values that emphasize critical thinking, individual liberty, and a balanced understanding of history and society.

The Case for Conservative Educational Initiatives

The response to the encroachment of unwanted ideologies in education necessitates more than opposition; it requires the creation of alternatives. Forming a private school that is free from “woke” ideology and dedicated to classical liberal teachings is not just a reactive measure but a visionary step towards reclaiming educational integrity.

Such an institution would serve as a bastion for conservative values, offering parents and students an environment where education focuses on intellectual development, moral grounding, and the exploration of ideas in an unbiased manner. By prioritizing critical thinking over political correctness, a conservative private school could prepare students not just for academic success but for informed citizenship.

Challenges and Opportunities

The challenges in creating a non-woke private school are significant, ranging from financial hurdles to accreditation processes. However, the growing discontent among conservative parents provides a fertile ground for such initiatives. The success of homeschooling networks and the increasing popularity of classical education models demonstrate a viable path forward.

Moreover, the involvement of conservative thinkers, educators, and philanthropists in establishing new educational institutions could catalyze a broader movement towards educational diversity. By leveraging technology, traditional teaching techniques, and a curriculum grounded in classical liberal arts, a conservative private school could offer a compelling alternative to the prevailing trends in education.

A Call to Action

The time for conservatives to come together and invest in the future of education is now.

By pooling resources, expertise, and a shared vision, the conservative community can build institutions that not only resist the tide of woke ideology but also advance a holistic, principled approach to education. This endeavor is not merely about creating a school; it’s about fostering a community that values liberty, respects diversity of thought, and prepares the next generation to lead with wisdom and integrity.

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